Watch Ren Diaries: Day 27

Watch Ren Diaries: Day 27

Ren Diaries: Day 27

Ren: Daily Diaries – 4m 58s

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    In a retrospective interview, director Kate Madison and co-producer Michelle Golder discuss the flashback scene which was shot on Day 28. Taking us through the whole process, the pair discuss where the idea for the scene came from, the last minute decision to shoot it, the casting (featuring audi...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 29

    It's the last day on the set of Dagron's house, and some quiet scenes with Ren (Sophie Skelton) and Baynon (James Malpas) are shot. Director Kate Madison narrates some of the day's raw footage, explaining - amongst other things - tear sticks, Ren's pendant and how the raging fire in the hearth wa...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 30

    The cast and crew finally get to shoot on everybody's favourite set, Karn's house. Director of photography Neil Oseman recounts the tale of how he almost fell through the set's roof, and behind-the-scenes footage reveals the distinctive gait he uses for smooth tracking shots.