Watch Ren Diaries: Day 30

Watch Ren Diaries: Day 30

Ren Diaries: Day 30

Ren: Daily Diaries – 2m 15s

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    Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter) and Richard "Squish" Roberts (Jailor) discuss shooting the prison guardroom scenes.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 32

    The outdoor set is a less inviting place to work now that the bitter cold of November has arrived, but the team press on, shooting a newly written scene by the village gates. Fascinating fly-on-the-wall footage charts the development of the scene as director Kate Madison rehearses and then shoots...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 33

    The cast and crew return to Epping Forest to pick up a mixed bag of shots dropped earlier in production. Director of photography Neil Oseman narrates the raw footage, explaining how the magic of cinema will stitch it together with other shots recorded at different times and often in different pla...