Ren: Daily Diaries

Ren: Daily Diaries

Want to immerse yourself in the world of Ren? Wish you could have been there on the shoot? Now we're offering the chance to become a virtual crew member. Go beyond the glimpses in the YouTube 'making of' videos and witness the creation of Ren: Season One from the first day of shooting to the last.

You'll get access to our series of 36 daily behind-the-scenes videos following the making of the web's most ambitious and exciting new series.

Each video is different. Some take a fly-on-the-wall approach, letting you sit back and watch scenes evolve from rehearsals through to shooting. Many feature candid on-set interviews with the cast and crew. Some are light-hearted, featuring bloopers and impromptu sketches shot between takes. Some are more educational, explaining, for example, how scenes are "covered" with multiple camera angles. One video even takes you on a tour of Ren Studio as the cast and crew wait for rain to pass.

With a total running time of over 2 hours, the Ren Daily Diaries offer unprecedented VIP access to the inner workings of a large-scale fantasy production.

"Thank you so much for sharing these really humorous and informative videos. It is really cool being able to witness the camaraderie of the performers and the production staff. One usually doesn't get to witness even a small portion of the trials and tribulations that occur when making a show. Watching these videos has really opened my eyes to all the work necessary to make these videos. I can hardly wait to watch the series!!!" - tedbade (Kickstarter backer)

"Everyone has put an amazing amount of work into this production. I loved watching the BTS clips. Thanks so much for putting these together for those of us who cannot be there to see Ren's birth first hand." - Jelliott2K (Kickstarter backer)

"Thanks for such an amazing explanation! I didn't appreciate just how much goes into what appears as a simple scene on screen." - nevla (Kickstarter backer)

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Ren: Daily Diaries

36 Videos

  • Ren Diaries: Day 1

    It's the beginning of a long journey, and Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter) is the first actor to go before the cameras, in dramatic action scenes. A candid video, shot largely by director Kate Madison, and featuring the very first footage to be filmed for Season 1.

    To see the build-up to Day 1, che...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 2

    Weather is already playing havoc with the shoot, as the cast and crew attempt to film Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown) fighting with Kah'nath soldiers. A candid video shot by series creators Kate Madison and Christopher Dane, with contributions by camera operator Richard "Squish" Roberts and sound rec...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 3

    It's raining again, but work begins on market scenes featuring Ren (Sophie Skelton) and Dagron (Nick Cornwall). A candid slice of life on set as the cast and crew start to settle in for the long haul, showing everything from Christopher Dane's safety briefing for the extras, through clapperboardi...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 4

    Torberry (Alan Hay) is looking for his hat as the market scene continues, while the lighting-camera department are engaged in gaffer's glass oneupmanship. Meanwhile, Baynon (11-year-old James Malpas) offers his thoughts to Kate Madison's candid camera on his first day of shooting.


  • Ren Diaries: Day 5

    James Malpas (Baynon) gets a crash course in Acting To Nothing, and the team sets off on an epic journey to Wales. This video features a retrospective interview with director Kate Madison and raw footage from Baynon's scenes.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 6

    At a stunning riverside location in the Brecon Beacons, the cast and crew shoot some of episode one's early scenes. Featuring candid footage shot by director Kate Madison and one of her long-standing collaborators, Ash Maharaj, this video includes a guest appearance by Gutsy the Deceased Fish.


  • Ren Diaries: Day 7

    Richard Zeman arrives from Prague and shoots his first shot as the Kah'nath Commander. This video features a retrospective interview with director Kate Madison and raw footage from Richard's scene.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 8

    Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown) encounters the Kah'nath Commander (Richard Zeman), and director Kate Madison discusses the challenging weekend ahead. This video offers an insight into the way large action scenes are broken down, and how actor availability must be juggled on voluntary projects.


  • Ren Diaries: Day 9

    The cast and crew embark on an ambitious weekend of action-packed crowd scenes. Fight choreographer Ronin Traynor demonstrates techniques to Richard Zeman (the Kah'nath Commander) and Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter), while director of photography Neil Oseman comes up with a precarious way of shooting...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 10

    It's the Sunday of the second major crowd weekend, and now the cameras are turning on the extras to capture their reactions to the dramatic events of episodes four and five. On-set interviews with director Kate Madison and director of photography Neil Oseman cover such topics as the supporting ar...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 11

    Fight performers and circus tumblers throw themselves onto crash mats as air cannons simulate bomb blasts in the village square. After waiting for rain to pass, the team move on to shoot some of the season's closing scenes. This video is narrated by director Kate Madison and features candid sound...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 12

    It's the last day with Nick Cornwall (Dagron) for a while, so the cast and crew focus on shooting his remaining angles for a variety of scenes, before beginning to film Christopher Dane's (Karn's) fight sequences This video contains lots of raw and rehearsal footage from various scenes.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 13

    Despite yesterday's minor injury, Christopher Dane (Karn) carries on fighting, before assuming the role of traffic cop to co-ordinate the extras in a market scene. This video features candid footage shot by the cast and crew as well as a picture-in-picture sequence showing a behind-the-scenes vie...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 14

    The cast and crew pick up close-ups of Ren (Sophie Skelton) and the Master on the village platform, before moving onto twilight scenes. This video features interviews with creators Kate Madison and Christopher Dane, plus actor Richard Zeman (Kah'Nath Commander), as well as candid footage.


  • Ren Diaries: Day 15

    Filming grinds to a halt due to rain, so director Kate Madison conducts us on a tour of Ren Studio. From the set workshops, to the green room, to the actor's village and the costume department, no part of the re-purposed factory is left unexplored. Find out what the cast and crew get up to when t...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 16

    The action around Baynon (James Malpas) being tied up by Kah'nath and rescued by Torberry (Alan Hay) is filmed. This video features interviews with director Kate Madison and director of photography Neil Oseman, as well as an unmissable skit by Richard Zeman - or should I say Arnold Schwarzenegger...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 17

    With Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter) the only actor on set for most of the day, the cast and crew focus on picking up various pieces with his character, and later with James Malpas (Baynon). Narrated by director Kate Madison, this video features rushes from the series and a hilarious camera phone vid...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 18

    Attempting to finish the close-up coverage of Ren (Sophie Skelton) and the Master (Ronin Traynor) on the platform in the village square, the crew are forced to stop when high winds begin to batter the set. As well as dramatic footage of the storm shot by director Kate Madison, this video includes...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 19

    Having decamped to Epping Forest for the week, the cast and crew work through persistent heavy rain to capture season one's dramatic opening scene. Narrated by director of photography Neil Oseman, this video features lots of raw footage from the series and behind-the-scenes footage revealing a no...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 20

    Kickstarter backer Chris Ruane joins the cast and crew in Epping Forest and offers his thoughts on the production to the camera. Rushes, rehearsal footage and candid behind-the-scenes material shot by the crew all feature in this video.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 21

    Fight choreographer Ronin Traynor and actresses Sophie Skelton (Ren) and Dita Tantang (Lyanna) discuss shooting in Epping Forest, as do a horde of slaughtered Kah'Nath soldiers.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 22

    On the last day in Epping Forest - for now - Ronin Traynor and his fight team continue to stage the battle between Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown) and Lyanna (Dita Tantang) and the Kah'Nath army. Rushes show how clever editing allows Hunter to fell an enemy archer, and behind-the-scenes views are spl...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 23

    Back at Ren Studio on the village set - which has now been reconfigured into a street - the cast and crew tackle a busy day featuring a veritable menagerie of finned and four-legged friends. In light-hearted interviews, many of the team discuss the day's proceedings. We apologise for the poor foc...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 24

    The first interior scene goes before the cameras: a prison cell. Production assistant Claire Finn - who helped to build and dress the set - and director of photography Neil Oseman discuss their contributions to the scene.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 25

    After repairing and redressing the hurricane-blasted set, the cast and crew make their third attempt at mopping up close-ups of Ren and the Kah'Nath Master on the platform in the village square. Narrating the raw footage, director of photography Neil Oseman explains his use of smoke and a custom ...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 26

    Production officially moves indoors, onto the set of Ren's family home. This video features an interview with co-creator Christopher Dane, behind-the-scenes material overlaid with footage from the main unit camera, and a selection of photos.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 27

    Director of photography Neil Oseman explains how a sequence is "covered" from multiple camera angles using rushes from today's big scene in Dagron's house as an example.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 28

    In a retrospective interview, director Kate Madison and co-producer Michelle Golder discuss the flashback scene which was shot on Day 28. Taking us through the whole process, the pair discuss where the idea for the scene came from, the last minute decision to shoot it, the casting (featuring audi...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 29

    It's the last day on the set of Dagron's house, and some quiet scenes with Ren (Sophie Skelton) and Baynon (James Malpas) are shot. Director Kate Madison narrates some of the day's raw footage, explaining - amongst other things - tear sticks, Ren's pendant and how the raging fire in the hearth wa...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 30

    The cast and crew finally get to shoot on everybody's favourite set, Karn's house. Director of photography Neil Oseman recounts the tale of how he almost fell through the set's roof, and behind-the-scenes footage reveals the distinctive gait he uses for smooth tracking shots.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 31

    Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter) and Richard "Squish" Roberts (Jailor) discuss shooting the prison guardroom scenes.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 32

    The outdoor set is a less inviting place to work now that the bitter cold of November has arrived, but the team press on, shooting a newly written scene by the village gates. Fascinating fly-on-the-wall footage charts the development of the scene as director Kate Madison rehearses and then shoots...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 33

    The cast and crew return to Epping Forest to pick up a mixed bag of shots dropped earlier in production. Director of photography Neil Oseman narrates the raw footage, explaining how the magic of cinema will stitch it together with other shots recorded at different times and often in different pla...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 34

    It's the absolute final day in Epping Forest, and Richard "Squish" Roberts employs his drone to shoot dramatic angles of the Kah'Nath army chasing Lyanna (Dita Tantang). Director Kate Madison narrates a mix of behind-the-scenes material and raw footage from the drone.

  • Ren Diaries: Day 35

    It's the penultimate day of production, and the first half of a dramatic night scene featuring Kah'Nath soldiers with flaming arrows is shot. This video features lots of candid footage and interviews recorded by co-producer Michelle Golder, as the emotional cast and crew approach the end of a lon...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 36

    It's the very last day, and horses both real and not-so-real are brought out for the big finale. Shot by co-producer Michelle Golder and sound recordist Ash Maharaj, this video faithfully records the atmosphere of fun and friendship as the Ren Family reach the end of their long road and thank the...