Watch Ren Diaries: Day 7

Watch Ren Diaries: Day 7

Ren Diaries: Day 7

Ren: Daily Diaries – 1m 45s

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  • Ren Diaries: Day 8

    Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown) encounters the Kah'nath Commander (Richard Zeman), and director Kate Madison discusses the challenging weekend ahead. This video offers an insight into the way large action scenes are broken down, and how actor availability must be juggled on voluntary projects.


  • Ren Diaries: Day 9

    The cast and crew embark on an ambitious weekend of action-packed crowd scenes. Fight choreographer Ronin Traynor demonstrates techniques to Richard Zeman (the Kah'nath Commander) and Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter), while director of photography Neil Oseman comes up with a precarious way of shooting...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 10

    It's the Sunday of the second major crowd weekend, and now the cameras are turning on the extras to capture their reactions to the dramatic events of episodes four and five. On-set interviews with director Kate Madison and director of photography Neil Oseman cover such topics as the supporting ar...

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