Watch Ren Diaries: Day 14

Watch Ren Diaries: Day 14

Ren Diaries: Day 14

Ren: Daily Diaries – 2m 39s

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  • Ren Diaries: Day 15

    Filming grinds to a halt due to rain, so director Kate Madison conducts us on a tour of Ren Studio. From the set workshops, to the green room, to the actor's village and the costume department, no part of the re-purposed factory is left unexplored. Find out what the cast and crew get up to when t...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 16

    The action around Baynon (James Malpas) being tied up by Kah'nath and rescued by Torberry (Alan Hay) is filmed. This video features interviews with director Kate Madison and director of photography Neil Oseman, as well as an unmissable skit by Richard Zeman - or should I say Arnold Schwarzenegger...

  • Ren Diaries: Day 17

    With Duran Fulton Brown (Hunter) the only actor on set for most of the day, the cast and crew focus on picking up various pieces with his character, and later with James Malpas (Baynon). Narrated by director Kate Madison, this video features rushes from the series and a hilarious camera phone vid...